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Use our Numbers Flashcards (1-10 and simple math/addition) to teach children counting and number recognition and/or use them as table numbers at a baby shower or birthday party! Flashcards are a great way to help children make visual connections in a variety of subjects. Although the purpose of our flashcards is not to force memorization of these subjects, there is still educational value in providing simple and effective visuals to help children learn things like letters, numbers, and more!

Card Size: 4″x6″

2 reviews for Numbers Flashcards

  1. Ava

    These flashcards are sooo cute and perfect for little hands and brains that are just begining to learn numbers and math. My 4 year old twins are notoriously rough with paper products, but these are so durable that they are still in tact despite HEAVY use in the recent weeks.

    The artwork is gorgeous and the visuals are perfect for teaching early math. The bright colors also help keep the attention of little ones, even those that might not be super excited about learning numbers. Highly recommend!

  2. April A. (verified owner)

    I purchased these flashcards after having seen the Animal Alphabet cards. These cards were equally as impressive in quality, design, and ease of purchase. These cards are durable/sturdy, which allows for kids to use them time and time again without losing quality. The images are bright, colorful, and fun! I LOVE that many of the images on the number cards either rhyme with the number itself (one=sun, eight=plate, six=bricks), incorporate the number with the word (two=Toucan) or have an element about them that relates to the number (seven has a rainbow with 7 colors ROYGBIV). The letters for the words are also incorporated artistically in the background of each of the images. Those little details make these cards even more spectacular as there is always something to notice!

    Danielle also took great care in ensuring the counting cards didn’t come off ‘too busy’ with many images and large numbers. It’s a great balance of color and imagery to allow for easy counting.

    • wonderfulwhirl

      Thank you so much! It’s great to hear that the efforts that go into the design process are appreciated, these were so fun to make! Very happy that you love them 🙂

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