Solar System Poster


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Our Solar System Poster provides striking visuals for each of the eight planets in our solar system. (Sorry Pluto, but the international Astronomical Union downgraded your status to a dwarf planet when you didn’t meet one of the three newest criteria used to define a planet, but we still love you!)

Pair this poster with our Moon Phases Poster for an out-of-this-world combination!

Our posters provide concise visual representation of a variety of subjects in a fun and easy-to-view format while also being aesthetically pleasing as decorative wall art in any play or learning space. The wooden frame with hanging strap offers a charming alternative to other educational wall decor. Our posters and flashcards are perfect homeschool tools!

  • Poster Size: 17.5″w x 24″h
  • Material: Polypropylene PVC with wooden frame


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